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Wed, 25 May 2005

2 Timothy 3:16

So what kind of Bible do you purchase anyway? With the myriad of offerings available today it can be confusing. It is important enough that you really should take some time beforehand and consider.

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Romans 8:20

Somewhere between stew and soup. Chunks of meat glistening in a broth almost as thick as gravy. A hearty, steamy, almost chunky vapor lifted from the bowl, creating a savory aroma that demanded attention and awakened the most languid of appetites. A soup-stew like this would bring out the canine in you, turn appetite into hunger. Which is dramatic enough when you are a man, but how much more when you already are a dog.

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Fri, 13 May 2005

Isaiah 45:7

I make it a habit to avoid reading obituaries. That and passing antique stores without entering are my two hobbies actually.

So my long time friend Jen had to call me to tell me. I checked the paper, yes it was the same name, and that would be about the right age. Survived by a husband.

I can't be entirely sure (it has been several years), but as I remember it, she was really cute. I also can't be sure because knowing a person has talent changes my other perceptions. She was just a teenager when I first saw her, bright engaging eyes and a smile so genuinely innocent that it made me sad to look at her and know what the world had the power to do.

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Sat, 30 Apr 2005

This site is dedicated to the conceit that you are willing to read something I have written. Not too much of a conceit is it, considering that you are right now umm.... never mind.

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