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Sat, 31 May 2008

The War Profiteer In The Titanium-Gold-Alloy Mask
A Review of the Motion Picture Iron Man

It was with the thought in mind that perhaps Hollywood has in fact run out of original ideas, or that it was a continuation of the trend of shameless pandering to those of us who are part of the Baby Boom generation -- or both -- that I decided to spend a couple of hours a few weeks ago watching the big-screen makeover of Iron Man.

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Copyrighting Marriage

"Funny, you like Samurai Sword; I like Baseball."

–Hattori Hanzo in Kill Bill Vol. 1. Caps mine.

As I explained a couple years ago, I don't generally want to use this space for political rants, especially on a hot-button topic like the retronyming of marriage. Unfortunately, this month I seem to be a little short on better material (yet again, some might say). The topic seems, well, topical. So a rant is what you are going to get.

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