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Wed, 31 Oct 2007


I don't go geocaching any more, of course. It doesn't feel the same after what happened with Linda, and Jack. But I still can appreciate in an abstract sense why I once liked the game so much. Even so, it's hard to explain its attraction to muggles, a word that geocaching enthusiasts use to describe ordinary people – people that wander around with tunnel vision in their strictly zoned world oblivious to the secret stashes hidden all about them. Are you a muggle? Try to understand it, then. Wherever you may be right now, city, suburbs, or country, there probably are a half dozen secret caches within walking distance of you. The caches are plastic boxes, peanut butter jars, metal ammo cases, sometimes large, often tiny. They may be hidden anywhere. They could be behind a rock, in the crook of a tree branch, magnetically attached to a guard rail, wedged behind a public phone. How could you not want to find them, open them, and look and see what objects they hold?

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A Halloween Story

Model Wanted: Sculptor needs male and female models for long-term projects (two to four weeks each). Athlete / Dancer types with ideal “classical” physique preferred. Previous modeling experience desirable but not strictly necessary. Per diem, meals, and transportation expenses paid. Respond with photo and contact information to Box 973, c/o this newspaper.

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