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Wed, 28 Feb 2007


William Fredrick Pfaff was VP of operations at HD networks. His office was a small room with whitewashed brick walls and no window. The one door, normally closed, connected it to the machine space. Originally, the room was part of an outside alley way between the old tire warehouse and office building. During renovations that alley was roofed, floored, and segmented into tiny cubes. Freddie had the rough walls decorated with several motivational posters, a few dusty awards, and a large "Year at a Glance" calendar.

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"These meetings are achingly dull," Kevin Wright thought, as the shuttle bus crept through the Holland Tunnel towards Manhattan, "and they screw up your whole day."

Kevin's company had offices all over the New York City area, but after 9/11, they thought it better to not have so many of their staff concentrated in the city proper, opting instead for a light dispersion of offices around the suburbs. Kevin always smiled at this, for he had realized as soon as the plan was announced to relocate himself and his staff to northern New Jersey that the new offices, being less than 20 miles away from Manhattan, were almost certainly not going to be immune from the aftereffects of any major terrorist attack. His only consolation was that they were at least due west (and thus generally upwind) of the city, which meant that the folks who had opted for new office sites in the outer boroughs, Long Island or Connecticut would probably get somewhat the worst of it when al-Qaeda dropped the big one.

The verymost senior executives kept their offices at the corporate headquarters in midtown, and geographic dispersion wouldn't keep them from scheduling all sorts of face-to-face meetings with underlings at all hours of the day and night. So for Kevin a summons to Galactic Headquarters meant an earlier-than-usual arrival at the office, followed by long ride in what had become rush-hour traffic into the city on the corporate shuttle bus.

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